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"Proving From the Scripture that Jesus is the Messiah" (Acts 18:26)

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Christianity 1-2-3

#1. Atheism is false! Modern scientific discoveries point toward an intelligent Creator, not atheistic Darwinism! e.g., the nanotechnology in cells, complex digital code embedded in DNA, fine-tuning of the physical laws of physics & chemistry, fossil record!

Article: A Layman Disproves Atheism with “A Layman Disproves Atheism with "Something That Does Not Exist" In 10 Minutes”

Article: "The Layman's 10 minute Proofs Guide For Theism and Christianity"

Video: Christian William Lane Craig entertaining: “Cosmological Argument” for God’s existence (four minutes).
And the "Fine Tuning of the Universe" argument for God's existence (6 minutes).

(Note: Craig effectively uses both of these arguments in his debates with atheists. If you are a truth seeking person, watch these debates with pen and paper in hand. Remember, both sides agree on the scientific facts. What's disputed is the most logical interpretation of those facts. After open-mindedly examining the arguments both sides present, you decide which one has more evidence in its favor: (1) The naturalist position that the universe [time, space and matter] created itself out of literally nothing. Remember "nothing," by definition, is the "absence of anything"---"anything" would include time, space, matter or the energy-filled quantum vacuum which underlies the fabric of space; or (2) The supernaturalist position that a personal, non-material Designer created the material, life-sustaining universe out of nothing.

Article: A Layman Disproves Atheism with “Something That Does Not Exist.” In 10 Minutes”

Article: The Layman’s 10 Minute Proofs Guide For Theism and Christianity

Video: Steve C. Meyer, PhD. : Lecture: Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design:

Video: Steve C. Meyer, PhD. : Lecture: A Cosmological Argument for God's existence.

(Note: If nothing else, at least watch these two excellent video series from Steven Meyer. He is probably the best Christian apologist for presenting the scientific, natural theology arguments (he does not appeal to the Bible) for the existence of a intelligent Designer/’Creator of the universe. This series is a must view for all atheists and theists.)

Video: Christian William Lane Craig’s* debates atheist Peter Atkins

(Note: William Lane Craig is probably the best Christian debater of atheists. He does a great job refuting atheists by holding them accountable to clear and concise scientific arguments. However, although he routs the atheists he debates, he doesn’t do that good of a job refuting Muslim debaters. He inexplicably limits himself to historical proofs of Christ’s resurrection and doesn’t address many of the arguments other side brings up.)

Video: William Lane Craig’s Lecture at Oxford, a detailed refutation (a complete debunking!) of atheist Richard Dawkins book “The God Delusion.”

Video: John Lennox’s Lecture at U.C.L.A. “Christianity and the tooth fairy”

Video: John Lennox gives detailed refutation (a complete debunking!) of atheist Steven Hawking’s book “The Grand Design.”

#2. Christianity is NOT mythology, it is the only true religion! Jesus’ life, death and resurrection have been proven historically & prophetically! He’s alive and will judge all men at the last day!

Video: William Lane Craig’s shorter lecture on historical proof that Jesus was raised from the dead given to a high school class

(Note: If God truly preformed a miracle in raising Jesus from the dead, then Jesus exclusive claim: “I am the way and the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6) would be proven necessarily. Jesus' life and teachings are God’s explanations for why He isn’t here on earth. See my tract below “Why Isn’t God Here?” for a fuller explanation)

Video: William Lane Craig’s Longer lecture on “The evidence for the resurrection at Southhampton, Guildhall, England.”

Video: Gary Habermas’s Lecture on proving the resurrection of Christ from secular history.

Video: “Christianity is the Only True Religion”: A debate between a Christian, Todd Weiner, and a Muslim, Erich Scherfen

(Note: In this debate the best available prophetic and historical proofs are presented for the case that Jesus is the promised Messiah. The truth of the Christian faith is contrasted to the claims of the other world religions. The numerous arguments Muslim debaters use to attack the Christian position are refuted.)

Article: “Proofs of the Christian Faith” by Todd Weiner   Click here



Article: Why Did God Leave? by Todd Weiner  Click here


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