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"Proving From the Scripture that Jesus is the Messiah" (Acts 18:26)

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(1) Proving Jesus (Yeshua) is the Jewish Messiah:
A Comprehensive Refutation of Jewish Anti-missionaries.

By Todd D. Weiner.

Jews for Judaism, and other anti-missionaries like them, are actively engaged in turning Jewish people away from Yeshua. We directly quote and refute the technical arguments taken from the anti-missionaries best books and apologists. Yet, my book is designed with the laymen in mind. It is written in the most simple, non-technical language possible. It is also designed to be a mini-crash course about the history of the Jewish people and the birth of Messianic expectation.

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Book Table of Contents



Chapter 1: The Birth of Messianic Expectation

Chapter 2: The Messiah Nobody Expected


Chapter 3: The Necessity of Sacrifice

Chapter 4: Anti-Missionary Objections to Blood Sacrifice

Chapter 5: The Prophecies of Isaiah

Chapter 6: The Suffering Messiah of Isaiah 53: Part 1

Chapter 7: The Suffering Messiah of Isaiah 53: Part 2

Chapter 8: The Suffering Messiah of Psalm 22

Chapter 9: Daniel 9:24-27 and the Destruction of Herod's Temple

Chapter 10: Is Cyrus the Messiah of Daniel 9:24-27?

Chapter 11: The Priesthood of Jesus (Psalm 110:4)

Chapter 12: The New Covenant (Jeremiah 31:31-34)

Chapter 13: Until Messiah Comes (Genesis 49:10)

Chapter 14: Born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2)

Chapter 15: A Prophet Like unto Moses (Deuteronomy 18:15)

Chapter 16: Jesus' Resurrection from the Dead


Chapter 17: Miscellaneous Anti-Missionary Objections

Chapter 18: The Genealogy of Jesus

Chapter 19: Alleged Contradictions in the New Covenant


Chapter 20: The Result of National Disobedience

Chapter 21: "Christian" Anti-Semitism through the Years


Chapter 22: Israel Accepts Her Messiah!


Appendix A Repentance of Sin The Heart of the Issue

Appendix B The Historical Jesus

Appendix C The Trinity: Misconceptions and the Truth

Appendix D The Talmud: Inspired or Uninspired?

Appendix E How to Witness to the Jews


(2) How Could a Loving God Permit Suffering?
Answers and Help for the Hurting
By Todd D. Weiner

When I got married in 1988, our goal was to go to Israel as missionaries within five years. In time it became obvious that my wife had a serious disorder called manic depression, which, as I later found out, had troubled her since she was in kindergarten. Like a terminal cancer, her condition only worsened with time. She tried committing suicide several times during her lows and lived immorally and became alcoholic during her highs. When my four-year-old son Paul was diagnosed with a brain tumor in July of 2000, the end came very quickly for our marriage. After a trying divorce and custody battle, I was awarded absolute custody of my four young children.
I immediately relocated to another town where I could get help to raise my children. No longer having a mother around and Paul’s outcome still in doubt, my children began asking why God was allowing such evil things to happen to us as a family. I wrote this book to help others connect with the love of God even during the worst of life’s trials.


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Book Table of Contents


Introduction: Welcome to My Nightmare

Chapter 1: Why Me?

Chapter 2: The Problem of Evil

Chapter 3: Good versus Evil

Chapter 4: Love and The Right to Choose

Chapter 5: Credit Where Credit Is Due

Chapter 6: Man’s Corruption

Chapter 7: God’s Exalted Perspective

Chapter 8: God’s Exalted Love

Chapter 9: God’s Exalted Anger

Chapter 10: God’s Exalted Holiness

Chapter 11: God’s Exceeding Hurt

Chapter 12: God’s Return: Paradise Restored

Chapter 13: Expectations Ruin Relationships


Chapter 14: Why People Respond Differently to Suffering

Chapter 15: Bad Interpretations of Suffering

Chapter 16: When Jesus Asked, “Why Me?”

Chapter 17: We Are His Hands: Ideas to Help the Hurting

Chapter 18: Why Then Does God Permit Suffering?

Epilogue: What I Learned


Appendix A Inspiring Stories of Triumph Over Tragedy

Appendix B Three Ways to Help Yourself Overcome Suffering

Appendix C More Ideas to Help the Hurting

Appendix D Organizations That Help the Suffering

Appendix E Questions and Answers

Appendix F Helping the Mentally Ill




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